Zero worry upon software and applications delivery

Once, twice, three times and more we check over before delivering the products to you.

With a dedicated and highly-skilled team and agile technology automation tools, we test and assure for quality.

FlexTech tests for functionality and operability of the web application. We test for both functional and non-functional part of the web application. Our team will do full service testing or section test based on requirements.

FlexTech ensures that the softwares are tested for performance, not just on the website for end users but a variety of

All software and programs in the end are used by human. FlexTech’s acceptance testing team act as end users to test for alternative scenarios to make sure the software is made with simplicity and is user-friendly.

Reducing human mistakes and automating the testing process to deliver the most correct results with shorter timeframe and lower cost.

We want users and clients to confidently use our softwares on mobile platform. FlexTech tests application across mobile operating systems, native, hybrid to web-based.

Our security testing service is to validate your applications against all types of attacks against the core application, back-end APIs, business logic etc. we identify the vulnerabilities according to the following classifications:

API testing checks for functionality, reliability, performance, and security. FlexTech’s API testing procedure makes thorough check on API to ensure the best outcome.